Oh stupid me - Cassandra Darlinda Pettigrew ChouteMature

Guys, it's just a song. Don't worry I'm fine.

Stupid me - Cassandra Darlinda Pettigrew Choute

Hyperventilating doesn't help,

Ease the pain,

thought you should know,

Thought you should know,

When you stand behind the curtains,

Start over again,

Let's start the show,

Let's start the show.

When your back behind the curtains,

and your falling down,

Get back up,

Just get back up,

And you hear them yelling their problems at you,

Stand up now,

Scream shut the fuck up,

Just scream shut the fuck up!


Because your mask is breaking now,

You can't take this anymore,

All the smiles you plastered onto your face,

Oh your shaking,

Oh your shaking.

And you let the tears out,

And they bottled up inside,

But they just stop and go~,

Oh you're broken.

Oh you're broken.

Oh stupid me~

Oh silly me~...

(Verse two)

You're a brave little soldier,

With your helmet on,

You're marching proud,

You are marching proud.

With your gun in the air,

You think " Call on me!"

Say it out loud,

Say it out loud.

You move onto the front lines,

With your gun ready,

Gonna start the fight,

Gonna start the fight,

And they aim down their sights,

You're a one man team,

You won't survive,

You won't survive.


The castle walls,

You've spent so many,

Years building~,

They crumble at just,

one touch~.

And that armour,

Is fading slowly,

You want your freedom,

So you ask,

Is that too much~.


 Oh stupid me~.

The End

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