Oh Miserable Maelstrom

Given the inextricable nature of vulnerability and illogic in matters of romance it is of no surprise that people make dangerous mistakes. A friend of mine has feelings for a young lady, flirtatious, unstable and taken. Or atleast she was taken, recently she has been made single, this poem is about seeing a friend and hoping they don't make a mistake. I shall perhaps in time put up an old poem about my now long dead feelings for this friend.

This girl is the titanic
You explain through muffled sounds
This girl could drive you manic
While clutching tight you'd drown

Bound unto a sinking ship
Strapped stoic to the mast
A drip, drip, drip from drooping lips
As your life lies in the past

I am not clairvoyant
But yet I foresee bubbles
I peer, icebergs destroying
And turning peace to rubble

I see a young soul dashed, alas
I see a comrade downed
I see a bloated corpse, composed of gas
And  concrete eternal frown

Her old lover fled and jumped the ship
Into chilling waters dipped
Will you grip the chocolate box?
A poisoned parfait upon your lips 

The End

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