Oh Iguana, ever pleasing

Tell me that you'll stay a while!

While birds and piggies have us sneezing

I marvel at your grace and style.


Munchie critters can't compare

To “poached Iguana“ served with pear!

Those other foods are all so “gay".

Give me Iguana served "Flambé".


And thanks to Darwin, I'm not thinning

Because out there you all are swimming!!

Iguanas playing in the water

Having fun, just like they "ought-ah".


Singing, playing on the sand

An Iguana Mariachi band!

Strumming instruments with their feet

With twice the drumsticks there to eat!


Iguana's cheap eats, if you’re skint

Just eat one raw that’s dipped in mint!

Or if you want, just let it soak

In lovely yellow Iguana yolk!


McDonald’s burgers need some flair

“Happy Iguana Meals” medium rare!!!

And if you’re thirsty they can make

A lovely fresh Iguana shake.


So if Whopper burgers or KFC

Do not appeal, then wait and see

A business plan to break their backs

Is a store that sells Iguana Macs!


With all my Iguana speeches done

I am off to have Iguana fun!

And if all my talk has left you deaf

See “cooked Iguana” on Master Chef!


The End

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