Oh, Can't You See?

I follow a dismal lunar tune,

Tasked to ask the sallow Moon:

"Will you shine again for us soon?"

He wept,

"Oh, can't you see?

Day and night would meet

On the horizon, under cover of heat

Now warmth is in retreat

A twilit defeat

And though love is sweet,

It is fleeting.

I’ve grown awfully bizarre,

Being spun around each day.

I’ve grown awfully forlorn,

With my face so long and not so gay

I’ve grown awfully jaded,

Longing for the day.

My shining love will dance along the line

And put my woes to bay.

I used to loom and conquer fright-

Keep terror out the queer old night.

Create scenes where romance came alight

Midnight trysts need not candlelight.

Yet that was in long ago, of course

The sun my muse, the sun my source.

Now that pyromance has left me hoarse

And took with them the motley fourths

No more are the seasons of hellebore and sumac

Lost in annals are marigold and lilac

So I drift in this sea, so deep black

Waiting for the the day the wolves howl back.

The End

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