Oh, Alice

A little girl named Alice

Fast asleep in bed

Dreamt wonderful dreams of a Wonderland

A fantasy in her head

And when she woke the next morning

With a smile playing on her lips

She told her father of the mysterious escape

A place where she found bliss

The father thought her mad

Told her it was in her mind

And little Alice ran right out of the door

Determined, as a stubborn child is, to find

The place where her dreams took place

Where her friends lived and loved

Where impossible things were possible

And rabbits wore white gloves

As she wondered she came upon

A rabbit of the very sort

That looked upon her with frightened eyes

and "I'm late" as a retort

How curious, she had thought 

That the rabbit looked familiar

And so she followed the creature

Down to the river

She came up short as she turned a bend

And called out for the hare

Alas, it was nowhere to be found

And she stomped her foot in despair

Her foot found a cavern

And in that, she tumbled down

She scraped and scratched and screamed and yelled

And came up with loose ground

The End

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