Of Stone.

Take me to that place;
Where I can beg You for mercy
Don't let me slip silenty back into that coma
Where blood flowed from my eyes
And tears from my scars
I thought I'd eliminated that word from vocabulary
And it turns out it's been the same
Holding the keys, yet not knowing how to turn the lock
I've attached wires from my eyes to my Heart
The beating is in my eyes
And the sick irony overtakes me
Pulling at my lips
Pushing me forwards
I sit back and I close my mouth
I open and the words gush out
I cannot continue to stamp on my Heart any longer
Tears form in the pit of my eye
Is this where I stand?
I will repeat this again
This I know to be almost certain
And yet I sit alone, begging for a fresh start
I don't deserve one.
My wishes run through my broken mind
My ruins, that I run through with a knife
I've become a murderer
And I've murdered myself
I pray for forgiveness

So much anger
So much slaughter
So much carnage

Is this the end, finally?

The End

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