Of Love

Love is that quality which all humans may indulge,
that transcends the biological,
and defies both science and poets to express. 
More than the sum of its parts,
affection, loyalty and protectiveness form only facets of its whole.

It is perhaps, an evolved biological, sociological,
psychological and spiritual imperative......
We actively seek it,
we long for signs and expressions of it,
and we delight [not often enough] in being the source of it in the lives of others.

We measure ourselves against it,
falling defeated,
or rising stronger
in the wake of memories
of its presence.

Within the totality of our psyche,
in no other way do we cast doubt upon
the grand history of our species and its proclamation
that we are the final expression of an existence devoid of spiritual conception...than in our experience of LOVE.

The End

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