Of Lonely Souls and Heartless Homes

I actually wrote this a long time ago, but I was never completely happy with the structure and like, order of the stanzas or whatever, so I tried to edit it, but it was just really, really hard to edit in such a way that I was satisfied. So in the end, I've decided to just leave it how it is. Also, it's based off of this really amazing, heart-wrenching, beautiful fanfic I read ages ago, that I literally will never forget.

I miss you.


When the days turn to weeks,

the weeks to months,

I remember the nights I held you

while you cried into my shoulder.


 I remember the sobs that wracked your thin frame,

while I tried not to crumble

because you had questions, 

I didn't have answers to

and all I could give you was me

and you took it all.


I remember,

your smile,

your laugh,

your heart,

and our love

that I guess in the end,

couldn't even save us.


And I think about how

I'll never be the same again

because our hearts are connected,

our souls are intertwined,

and our love runs in each other's veins.


Some nights I lie in bed

and try to inhale your lingering scent;

even though it fades

as each day passes.


Other nights

I press my body

to the phantom imprint of yours

and pretend you're painstakingly putting me back together

after you tore me apart.


And even though I know

your fingers will never again

stroke my ribs

and bruise my hips

I don't let anyone else touch me


wherever you are,

I don't want you to cry.


The months will soon turn to years

and time will eventually stop.

But I shall know – 

and I hope you will too – 



I will still miss you.

The End

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