Of Loneliness And Love

Will you be forever alone? And what is loneliness when you are surrounded by people? What is that pit in your heart but your own weakness- your own silly nagging doubt?

If only you were to enjoy the company of every soul, see the wonder in them all, laugh and enjoy the fellowship of humanity, then you could never be alone.

But what of love, true love? What of that moment when you first rise up over the city you never thought you'd break, over the horizon you never thought you'd meet? What of those lost moments? What of that human right that resides defiantly in your heart?

It is real, deep down, but as it makes its way to the surface, it changes through insecurity, through fear, through doubt, until it is nothing more than a whiny shout, a protest that fuels your misery. Let go of the loneliness, it brings you down. Look up and see the people all around. Look up and see how amazing you could be. Have trust, hope, and pride, you will someday realize, that you can span the great divide, that your love will be there by your side.

Do not prod the passion or it will ache. Do not analyze the dream for it will break. Do not point your finger at rules that are fake. Do not ask for something that you must take! Don't you see? The beautiful moments you desire are yours to create.

Get on with it, and waste not with loneliness. Desperation will never find a love so subtle. Only strength and a persistence of spirit will take you from this rubble.

Love is challenging, you must use your entire being.

But once you are there, it is easy and it is freeing.

The End

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