The Juliet

Laughing, she danced across the moonlit bridge
and called to him to join her lithe body
in a whirlwind dance to christen their love,
for the new day would soon dawn
a heavenly golden light upon their skin, in blessing;
eternity a warmly knit blanket to protect
when their true love was challenged.

He smiled and stepped forth with outstretched palm
as her sweet voice called out his name into the breeze.
His eyes watched her fall through her place,
his ears filling with the sound of her denying cry,
and he knew she had left him by the will of God
without so much as a goodbye to soothe his soul.

Tears for forgiveness falling with the blueness of his eyes,
he cried out her name in prayer for her return
but she never appeared and he stood alone in the cold,
knowing that eternity was theirs only to behold
and as the water enfolded him it its cold fingers,
like a mother in the depths of an icy winter,
he breathed her name.

The End

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