Washing Day

The water stirs,
cascading waves rippling in circles
over smooth stones.

Blue horizon
reflects, with the light of the sun,
on the water

And she kneels,
singing softly her afternoon song,
calmly washing.

Golden curls
fall around her linen shoulders.
there they stay.

Crystal eyes
watch the clothing run between her hands,
colours moving.

A task
she has done with her hands for years
stays simple.

Colours move
behind her back as she leans towards the pool
to see herself.

A figure reflects
in the calm water pool and crystal eyes
open wide.

She blushes
and stands to straighten her washing gown,
clothes forgotten.

Words stuttered
make him smile and to her he offers
his strong hand.

She steps forth,
smiling in her joy and she goes with him,
leaving the water.

The colours
are abandoned on the bank of the pool,
to dry.

The End

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