Of Gods and faith

Somewhere along the way
my faith, I began to lose
On my fortunes I wondered
Why would a god be so amused?

In catechism I have been so told
Over us all a watch he keeps
He is aware  of my every move
even the dreams of while I sleep

To affect my fortunes I wondered
how many other lives must he cross
To teach me a lesson in humility
how many dice would he toss?

But then I represent only a small faction
in the melting pot we now share
Does my outcome cross other faiths
Would those gods even care?

All faiths lead to the one
or so it at times professed
But in his many names why fight?
and among ourselves cause distress?

You're a fool they so admonished
Will suffer for questioning your faith
The gods demands compliance at all times
fear his vengeance for your mistakes

The End

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