The space man

Space man

Don't leave us alone


There's going to be a day when

you can't come back down

my friend

Believe me when I tell you

the star's weren't meant for men


You don't need nothing else

but the lovely earth

Ain't that not enough for you

Your times a-ticking

Space man

Make a run for your


I know you think you can

live forever out there



time's like a knife

that's gonna keep

cutting at you

no matter where you are and

the butcher never misses so

i beg of you

Don't you get tired of feeling cold and

staring into space

Down here we got beautiful colors

a whole wheel of them

And they even come in ribbons

called rainbows

only so humongous that

they bend the sky

Space man

why must you hide yourself behind

your metal mask

Why do you run away so far

oh so far away

Space man

were the deep coral seas not good enough?

the towering sand dunes of the desert?

the exotic tastes of the rainforest?


you don't want to

die alone

do you?

Were you looking for something you

couldn't find

on earth?


did you find what you were looking for?

The End

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