Of Darkened Destinies

"Of Darkened Destinies" is going to be a collection of poems that I plan to write over the coming months that tell haunting stories from the darker side of human nature and the horrifying consequences of our death. Some will deal with creatures of the night and others with horrors much closer to home. Not all will be spine-tingling tales but hopefully will all share a darker tone.

The collection will include the following (in no particular order) with more details (and titles) to be added in the near future:

"A Dying Breed"

"The Cameraman"

"Locked In"

"Born of Hunger"

"Deep in the Woods"

"Forever Loyal"

"A Being of Malice"


"The Hollows"

"A Passion of Words"

"Muddy Waters"


"Generation Lost"


The End

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