Of A Disconnected DreamMature

Heaven or the nettle patch?

All clipped wings and broken skin,

No brimstone here, just toxic earth

And ace-of-spade leaves, glistening with

Destructive intentions and half-dead


Left to decay.

Angel-carcasses, the living dead

Close in,

This nightmare ring

Is digging up my skeleton.

Red spinel,

Tribute on a spinal cord

Collapsing columns, worthless things

Like past-intentions,

Falling in a timelapse

Of what you meant to do and say.

But we all know you're after me.

Halo frays like a horsehair bracelet.

Damning prayers , redeeming curses

Fly from your hot crimson mouth.

My own white lips twist in manic emotion

And accomodate the shotgun barrel.

Swastikas and asterix form a

Spiked heretic's crown.

They pray in the ashes while I play in the rain-

fall of bullets, steadily spitting machine-gun fire.

"Don't play on the highway, my girl."

Petrol, collapsing lungs, mild

Solvent abuse and rose-fire skies.

Iridescent oil-in-a-puddle

Reflects and

Sparkles in my scrap-metal


Roads writhe, slick-black serpents,

Glory or death?

Purgatory phase, the Lord's name is Yamaha.

Torn away, ripped muscle tissue,

Wings feed the fire

In your head.

Your word becomes my bible,

Gilt-edged obscenities filed away

For hell.

Your burning cross will still smoulder upon my spine

When we get to heaven...

The End

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