Ode to Shel Silverstein

Ode to Shel Silverstein


Your poetry about boys and trees

was written of such quality

Not to sappy, no dry heaves

just little hands and lots of leaves


on Saturday I acted sick

and then confessed a dirty trick!

What's that?  What's that you say?

I think I did go out and play!


I thought about being eaten by a snake

wrapped around me I could not shake

and, oh,  the wierd bird who flew north

brough some guffaws and snickers forth


And wow,  you wrote a Boy named Sue?

it wasn't Cash, I never knew!

And never in your poetry book

did I read your writings for Dr. Hook!


My mind was quite well blown

You wrote "Cover of the Rolling Stone"!

So, Shel, I hope someday we will be friends

come the day my sidewalk ends.







The End

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