Ode to Work

In thankfulness and a celebration of a work anniversary, I wrote this little ditty for my amazing co-workers. I am in a dental office, hence the reference to patients. I love it when work is play!

There is good reason why many before us
Have said in the past
That work can be play, and enjoyable too-
Making the day go by fast.

Almost fifty weeks in every year
We come into the office.
Before most are awake, we've started our day;
Serving our patients with promptness.

Insurance forms, confirming calls,
Patients waiting for our attention,
Sitting in the chair, running here and there;
The office is filled with action.

Everyone plays a vital role
In our little operation.
We are here for our patients, giving ourselves
To make even a little difference.

We touch each other's lives
Even when our days can be rushed
And the littlest kindness, lending a hand,
Gives work the "family" touch.

With so much time at work spent,
It becomes like home number 2-
That being said, it's only that way,
Because of each one of you!

The End

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