Ode to the Night

The Night sky,

A vast paradigm

That embodies lost souls,

A deathly silence

Replenishing the mind

A tasteless soup

Abnormally cold

A polished black apple

That sparkles bold.


Upon a hallowed town

Street lights flicker

And the stars begin to glisten

As fear begins to roll in

Cars begin to sprint

People wander

And yearn for the daylight.


As the clouds yearn for dawn,

They whisper for help.

Yet night has just arrived

The heavy darkness seems immortal.

But fear not,

The sun will rise again.

Soon enough you will gaze upon sunlight

And feel the blissful warmth

That of which shall replenish your purpose

And guide you through thick and thin


As you lie beneath a quilt sheet,

Gaze upon the Night Sky,

Be thankful for the Night

Not fearful,

Welcome the darkness, and cherish the daylight

And as you put your head to rest,

Shut your eyes

Until the meadow gleams

And the flower sways.

The End

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