ode to teenage mums

I lay here bewildered, tired beyond belief.
Eyes accusing, judging me
I look at you and see a perfect doll,
but you murmur, plastic turns to flesh and it strikes me.
Panic, a terror unknown to me in my small protected life.
No more a child, a mother.
I can't put you away when I'm tired of you
oh I wish for a solution.
You open your eyes and stare.
My throat constricts and tears well up in my eyes.
I ask you what I have to offer?
A feeling grabs me, an unusual passion,
protectiveness overwhelms me.
I hold you tighter and the feeling grows
I realise I can't give you a dad
but I can give you a mother,
the best mum I can hope to be.
I am as inexperienced as you.
we will learn from each other
and one day we will hold each
other again and share this
unforgettable feeling once more

The End

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