Ode to Sunlight

Ode to Sunshine

Shield your brow and hide your eyes

Hide your face, she’s just so bright

Stutter and apologize

Turn yourself to face the night.

Keep myself from going blind

Darkness settle ‘pon the shore

Softly fall on waters clear

Clear as music, clear my mind

Buried here forever more

Buried just beneath the fear


Pull me from beneath the moon

Let the sun shine on my face

Feel the warmth of afternoon

Strewn along her braided rays.

She’ll allow her hair to fall

Fall upon the speckled dirt

Fall, allow herself to feel

Lift my burden, try to crawl

I’ll allow myself to hurt

Give your rays something to heal.


Face the sky and let her shine

Touch her sunlight to my lips

Hold it as if it were mine

Dancing o’er my fingertips

Lose my self and touch the night

Touch what I will never see

Ask myself if this is true

Turning slow to face the light

Knowing that the world would be

Better if I could have you.

The End

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