Ode to Thunder

Echoing inside my head;

Find the pieces of my heart

Strewn along a broken thread;

Oh, my Lord, how great thou art.

Rumble out with every breath

Pounding across darkened sky.

Father, did the sun burn out?

Mother, bring the world to death,

Rob the rivers, suck them dry;

Leave us all in vicious doubt.


Mother, whisper in my ear.

Father, whistle me a tune,

Sing a song for all to hear;

Watch as clouds blockade the moon.

Oh, the wind, I hear him yell,

Bellow, despotic, will fade,

Whistle sweetly ‘Claire de Lune’

Silently, no need to tell,

You’re the bandage, I’m the blade,

Someone needs to be the wound.


Anodyne or stimulant,

Either could relieve my pain;

Sedative or irritant,

Either one, they’re all the same.

Anathema, effervesce,

Appertain to nothing more,

Grasp your insecurity;

Anorexic, evanesce,

Hear my prayer from in your core,

Rumble with avidity.

The End

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