Ode to Hail

Lord, I pray you hear my cry,

Cut through quickly storming gale.

Tears of God fly threw the sky;

Fight against them tooth and nail.

Safer locked up in my head;

Keep knocking, you can’t come in.

Enter now and hear me scream,

“Bloody murder, Love is dead?”

Gasp and bolt upright again;

Hear her say it’s just a dream.


See it bouncing off the glass;

Feel November’s icy rage;

Bounce like little balls of brass

Trapped inside an icy cage.

With a roar, the sky gives way

Dropping bullets on the Earth,

Bullets wrapped in crystalline.

Memories are made today,

Give my all for all it’s worth;

Biggest storm the world has seen.


Weary, yet undaunted still,

Harden, waters icy hand

Sweeping down to meet its kill;

Quickly sweep, and smack the land.

Whistle through the icy air,

Send holes through the living wall

That protects my heart with skin.

Picturing you standing there,

Knowing I would give it all

Just to hear you sing again.

The End

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