Ode To Rain

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The second page: in the format of an ee cummings poem (no punctuation or capitalization).
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i'm formatting the order of the poems to mimic my feelings at the moment ( don't worry, it's not all darkness and hatred, i promise).

Ode To Rain



Rise above to fly like birds,

Bonded, no one left behind;

Weave together like my words;

Beauty set within would find.

Condensed and contained, yet free,

Stick together, hold like glue;

Watch the world with anxious eyes

Just so they might fall on me,

Wishing they might fall on you;

Rain would fall, my loves disguise.


Memories of you draw near

As rain into my hands would fall;

You said you’d fight off all my fear;

You said you’d catch me as I fall.

I still need to hear your voice

And bask in the glow of your eyes,

Feel your hand resting in mine

As if it were there by choice,

While my rain will drop like flies

In a basin filled with brine.


As my tears blend with the rain

Fall and seem to attack the earth,

I must see your face again,

And feel your beauty and your mirth;

Struck dumb by perfections face,

Shielded not by passing cloud

Nor by sun nor star the same,

Walking with a timeless grace,

Head held high and eyes shine proud;

Still feel no need for a name.

The End

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