Ode to North River

I went camping with the fam a couple weeks ago, and wrote this on the bank of North River.

As the river rushes past

How I wish to rush as well

But the heavens, high and lofty

Keep me humbly drifting softly

On the south decline to hell.

As the rocks either away

How withered away can I be

From the water rushing over

From my father, from my mother

Till there's nothing left to see.

As the trees drink of the lake

How I wish to drink my full

From the waters full of grave

And forgiveness on the face

Of the evil on my will.

As the leaves begin to breath

I myself begin to choke

On the hate I keep inside

Of my own excessive pride

Like it's all merely a joke.

As the rain would hit the leaves

How I feel it on my skin

Watch it falling from the skies

See it wash away the lies

That won't let me start again.

The End

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