Ode to My Universe

A poem I wrote on Valentines day, for my special universe :)

I know this isn't much

writing you a poem seemed to sound like a good idea.

You're something to write a poem about, you see.

Something that I can try and put down on paper.

Doesn't mean I'll get it right,

But you're something I can't quite grasp.

So I'll try my best to draw you in my words.

I'd love to say the most wonderful things you've ever heard, in this poem.

Tell you how much mean to me, convey it in some form you'll understand.

But I don't think I'll get it right.

It's just as hard as to put in words

as grabbing and holding a star is.

I like to look out the window at night sometimes, you know.

I dream about laying under those stars out there with you, your sky-blue eyes heavily lidded as sleep overtakes us.

Would it be fair to say I want to run away with you? Share the universe, explore the world.

With you.

I want to paint the Earth and Sky together, create our own small world.

Have your every smile be my sunrise, your soothing voice be the birds I wake up to, your arms be the warm blanket around me.

Have your eyes by my sky, and your heart be my heart, syncronized in perfect harmony, a beautiful symphony. 

I want to find one star, if this is crazy, and call it our star. So no matter where we are, I'll know you're looking at the same star with me.

Someday, I'd love to dance in the rain with you. I've been saving the expirence for someone like you. I don't know if we'll like it or not, but I'd be willing to find out with you.

You make my life shine and my heart beat faster.

You've already given me the gift of love, in every smile, every word, every breath.

I fall in love with you again.

And again.

And again.

To me, you're this magical creature. This beautiful person that is, for some reason, mine.

You are beautiful. Every hair you find repulsing, every curl you think unruly, every curve and edge of your person. I love it all.

I love you. All of you. I love your body, I love your personality, because it's all you. It's you, and I will never find someone just like you. I won't, I REFUSE, to accept that there is another male in the populaton of Earth. You are the only one I see.

The only one I want to paint my world with.

To kiss with. 

To hold on tight, like our lives depend on that one



You're my favorite, don't you know?

When you say, "can I be honest? I just want to snuggle".

Then I know you're the person I've been looking for, because I know you love me, and not the idea of me.

You care, and you love, and you live, and you cry

You're the most real person I've ever met.

This is probably really chessy, I tend to do that a lot.

And it's probably confusing too, like it has no organization.

But I need to write these words for you. My heart and mind couldn't keep it in.

You make my heart pound and my soul sing.

You are my universe, painting my life with cool blues, vibrant oranges, dark lovely greens.

You are my air, my food, my love.

No matter what happens between us, no matter how angry we feel, I love your exsistance, your presence, your life. I want to fight our monsters away.

I love our dreams, I love our future, I love our now.

And I hope I successfully conveyed to you now, that..






The End

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