Ode To My Quail Twit

my quail hung its self so here is a little poem in his memory

At first we thought you female

But we found out you were male

After you stabbed a hole

To secure your role

As dominant male.


So we split you up

Into seperate cages yup

and then you my little Quail

Began to call out loud and wail



24 hours of every day

With Twoo and Rex away

Till we could take no more

They screamed with a roar

Shuuuuuuut Upppppp!


And you did persist

They planned to assist

You on your departure

They planned to caputure

You off guard!


But you sensed this coming

Thinking this unbecoming

You decided to go on your own accord

So you continuosily tried to go toward

The bars up above!


You soon suceeded

So highly elevated

You left this world

As you twirled

To Quail Heaven

The End

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