Ode To My Only Fan

A poem to recognize the main reason one writes


I have never had a fan before

So excuse me if this is new

Seeing that it's my very first time

I am uncertain what to do


I have written works of poetry

And a story here or there

Most of which you enjoy reading

Though, for none of them I care


You say you like my style

That my words can bring delight

So I toil away at my keyboard

Through all the day and night


You are my unsung hero

The spark that lights the fire

Though ambition sometimes dwindles

With your help I retain desire


I wanted to tell you in person

How much I appreciate you

But since many miles separate us

This poem will have to do


I'll start with your eternal kindness

And of those words that can inflate

Your endless uplifting encouragement

Which I would deem is your best trait


I'll dedicate a line or two

To recognize your passion

For writing high fantasy novels

In such a clever fashion


I would be more than heartbroken

And it would be quite the pity

If I had failed to remind you

That you shine and are so pretty


You have a refined humor

Your jokes they make me smile

My lips are curved from ear to ear

Stretching longer than the Nile


You have a name like no other

That gently rolls off the tongue

A word that holds such beauty

It cannot be spoken, but sung


You offered to collaborate together

And create new works of art

So I promise to do my very best

And write with all my heart


As birds sing out in sweet serenade

And wake to greet the day anew

I rise from slumber with burning hope

To share a conversation with you


You are my number one fan

And also, you are my only

I hope one day to build a club

So you don't have to feel so lonely


I hope this poem has shed some light

And clued you in on my secret tip

That of all the things I hold dear to me

The greatest one is friendship


And please remember if you can

All of these words are quite sincere

If I had more fans than imaginable

Then I would still hold you dear


If all of the people in this world

Gave me praise and joy to spare

I must tell you without delay

To you, no fan would compare


I know this all sounds silly

But every word is true

This poem is my only way

To cherish and thank you



The End

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