Ode To Lies

A sly friend,

An ally that will betray you,

A minds evil savior.

She will save you for a second,

And kill you in the next.

The embarrassing discovery,

The worldly phenomenon,

A celebrity,

The most amazing escape,

The fox that befriended the hare.

As common a salt in a chef’s kitchen,

The eyes in a teenager’s deprived skull.

The cover for the “Girl in Blue,”

Your parent’s least favorite act of your show,

The gold pot at the end of a journalist’s rainbow.

In everyone’s life,

Causing your reputation’s holocaust.

My escape,

My savior,

My best friend,

The lethal snake hidden in the brain’s folds,

Everyone’s betrayal.

The fog between friends.

We live in a world of treachery,

A world of lies.




The End

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