Ode To DeathMature

You get to the point, where you can’t come back
You’ve gone too far now, your head begins to crack
Driven to the point, where insanity seems sane
You try to carry on, but the attempts made in vain 

Cutting and bleeding, became your new friend
Driving the knife in, no time to mend
Lost all your real mates to depression and pain
The same routine, with nothing to gain

Failing to see the point in life anymore
Trying to cope, only turns your skin raw
Gone past caring if the world sees or not
But you’re stuck in that body, that’s beginning to rot

The only way out, a welcomed thought
Made many attempts now, but you’ve always been caught
The jealousy of others that have done it before
Want to make the same escape, but you cant find the door

Needing something great to cure this depression
Just something to help, to end this obsession
But what can you do when everything’s gone wrong
Theres just too much thats dragged for too long

Can try and try again in this monotonous phase
But in the end nothing makes sense, its all just a daze
Just waiting for the day when you take your last breath
A very welcomed thought, a greeting to death.

The End

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