Ode to Blood

This is a piece for the Champion of Bethod, beloved of Bayaz, and the rightful king of the North.

O bloody hands! Destroyer of the Feared!

You are no Lamb, whatever you may say.

The Champion’s here! O do you hear their screams?

The rings of Carls, they shout as lives you fell.

How metal sings! And whispers all at once.

Armed with the Maker’s blade, but how many

have you unmade? Within a sea you wade.

A sea of blood and fear O Bloody-Nine!

The Moon, she shines like white fire o’er the hills

upon your sword. The Spirits dull their speech,

they linger by the flame. And in the songs

of Northern lands do they still sing your name?

Or how you sang your horrid laugh when faced

the Great Lev’ler himself? Embrace his arms

yet dash his grip you are too quick Logen!

The End

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