Ode to Bacon

You either love bacon or you're wrong. This had more than a little help from ThatCatInTheBeret, who you should probably check out.

My arteries contract and rush

As I taste your sizzling blush

For what is love but not for thee,

Pork flesh salty as the sea


The blessed meat doth fill my throat

It's crispy, tender, smoked.

For what is life, but not for thee

My bacon, sweet as food can be. 


The holy oven doth spew its stuff

A plate with bacon, just enough. 

For what is food, but not for thee 

Thy awesome meat of hope and glory


My stomach fills with heaven-sent food

A Danish Pig on Angels' Wings sent to lift my mood

For what am I, but not for thee

In this world of misery. 


The End

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