Fishing Worm Memories

In memory of my grandpa



I don't remember much about you

But I do remember some

Like how you used to set me on your lap

In your big recliner chair


The mentioning of you always makes me think of

Rubber fishing worms

And how you would let me play with them

In your big office room


Even the strongest memories are blurry

Like looking through a smokey glass

That's fading around the edges

But you're the clearest object of all


 And I remember the day

 Mommy came home

And said that you had

Passed away


But I was too little

And I didn't quite understand it

 I just  knew you weren't

 Coming back


I remember going to your funeral

And placing roses on your coffin

And taking home a few for memory

But Mommy threw them away


She didn't want to see them

The little painful reminders

But I didn't understand it

I just knew she was sad


I still remember you

And think about you

From time to time

Though my memories are worn


I wonder what you would think

If you were to see me now

The little pig-tailed girl you used to tease

Is now driving a car


But I can still smell  rubber  fishing worms

And remember the days we would play

That smell will always be attached to you

In my memory


I think about how everything has changed

So drastically since you've been gone

Even the baby that you remember

That is now my twelve-year-old brother


And other times I think you already know

Like maybe you're looking over us

Still sitting there the way you always did

Making sure we are all safe




The End

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