Octosyllabic Snow

Octosyllabic poetry, inspired by the snow, concerning the world, secrets and joy.

Tender flakes peel from the canvas,
Painting stretchless dark into white
With flying feathered fingers free;
To layered grounds they do amass.

The roads are covered in one blink,
Too close those cosy lashes fall
And open up secret flowers,
Revealing earth in brightened ink.

Shimmers: the parted pieces form,
To please each watcher standing by,
The children's faces overflow
For loving heart, warmer norm.

Like a crystal split in parts six,
The floating gemstones do alight
On a bare land without a sight,
Burning barren hearts with three licks.

See: the morning rays are tinted,
Cast to sunlight as is to sleep;
Underneath fantasy each scape
Calls a mysetry now glinted;

Secrets covered, the lay'rs grow high;
Cracks skim the ice, but are breaking:
Opaque mirrors reflect beauty,
Not of secrets, but of the sky.

As second revelation shows,
A life has melted from the gloom
Of endless skies and broken suns,
Into a crisp pool of these snows.

The land has been painted over
With kisses bearing out new life;
Centuries fade - melt before it,
The caress of winter's lover.

The End

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