October Campfire

The warm October day was coming to an end

I started a campfire and looked at the grey blue sky

The trees lined up at the  back lot

To meet the towering sky

The call of the blue jay, crickets' fall songs,

Music to my ears   I felt the thick carpet

Of grass, so soft and long

My campfire was starting to burn

The  logs turned from brown to grey,

On this October day flames danced, the fire snapping,

Crackling as the wood turned to orange coals

The warmth on my legs

The smells from the burning logs

Wrapped me in comfort, warmed my soul

My fire a beacon in the sky,

A light to ward off the night's darkness

I sat alone in the stillness,

Hearing the good-bye cries of the loons.

On this October night,

I pondered how quicky summer had come and gone,

Knowing too soon it would all be gone

The yard would change from green to white

I thanked the Lord for this moonlit night,

Alone with my campfire, on this October night

The End

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