oct. 23, 2013 // 7:53 pmMature

my junior year
i got a taste
of what it’s like to be
somebody’s plus one
and it left my mouth
metallic and bitter
my stomach was empty
and my vision was blurred
or not there at all
it was nice at first
to not be the only one
but regardless of how much
i told myself
i was having fun
that shitty voice in my head
reminded me all night,
“you don’t belong.
they don’t want you here.”
i realised
that i don’t want to be
a plus one
i don’t want my presence
to be assumed
don’t attach my name behind yours
out of obligation

there’s something sobering about
knowing all the people in one room
couldn’t care any less
whether you were there or not.

The End

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