By Mooky Blaylock

The oceans made me
But not out of love
I'm the subject of it's mockery
a joke on the back of it's hand

The Shark is my nemesis
a devil waiting to catch me off guard

The Squid an old lover
that just won't let go

The Seals are the rabbit hounds of hell
scouting shores for my flesh

The Blowfish thinks I owe him money
as he puffer puf-pufs like a little bitch

The Seahorses are rich snobs
Slapping around whores when nobody is looking

The Dolphin is that guy
everyone either wants to be
or wants be with
Misinterpreting  its shallowness for prowess

The Sea Lion is a dick

The Octopus is a sly and cunning dick

The Whale is a fat asshole bastard
always stirring shit up

And to you Mr. Walrus,
You really are a talentless shit

And as I sit here on this beach
I can't help but wonder
The oceans made me
But why not out of love?

The End

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