Note- this is something new Im trying...the bold words form a whole new poem withing the existing one...read them...tell me what you think..its a bit rough so sorry!


Walk with me to the shores of the see,

The sweet breeze gently caresses you.

Let the waves wash over you'r feet,

And playfully spill onto you.

Hear it whisper, the rumbling tide,

The sound of ice and rock.

Feel the sand beneath your feet,

battered, bruised and crushed.

The ice is cold, the snow was frigid,

Falling through the ice,

Let the sound of water take your breath away,

Into the cold darkness of night....



Come my willow, my sweetheart...

Lie on my lap

Let me sing to you,

Let me give to you,

The reminiscence of the dead..."



The End

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