Obsidian Smile

A poem about confronting demons/extradimensional creatures, or something else entirely. Its meant to be sort of mysterious.

Obsidian glass and bad intentions

Lithe and alien form

Slinking along the misty ruins

Its hide is scoured by thorns

Eyes searing and deathly pure

Shadows behind, shadows before

Chaos walking, insanity breeding

It sees you there

It smiles.

Run with your mind, not with your legs

Or you'll be snared and stolen

Fight with your words and don't let it cut

Its body is sharp and swollen

Trembling fear, molten hot deed

Spewed from below to consume

One will shatter, the other break free

It sees you there.

It smiles.

Feeling nothing but longing for something

A purpose, a reason in life

Unchanged valleys, clad in confusion

Splintering you like a saif.

Made from destruction but thirsting for more

Fragments and laws unfamiliar

Imploring, exploring, visions are shared

It sees you there.

It listens.

Harrowing truth and dim pretensions

Between the two, so torn

Amnesiacs from another dimension

Your hollow cries, forlorn

Obsidian glass and alien promise

Meet its gaze and be dissolved

One half banished, the other in bliss

It sees you there.

It falls.

The End

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