I am a loser

The worst thing is that feeling,
That feeling of guilt,
Of losing something valuable.
At the moment that I seek for it,
I realize that there's no hope,
I have lost it,
And flashbacks are recaptured,
Reminding me,
I am a loser.
And later in the morning,
you'll ask me,
Do you remember?
When you cried,
And stayed awake all night,
You couldn't sleep,
You couldn't think right,
you just cried,
Because you lost,
You'll pause and laugh,
And then continue,
You lost something important.
And I'll reply to your question,
With simple seriousness,
Yes but that was when I was a child,
And now I have grown up,
And that is why you're proud of me,
Because you hold my hand,
And say that I am a winner,
You are a winner,
But the truth is that I am not,
The truth is that I am still a loser,
Because you'll say that I have grown,
But I haven't,
I am still your little baby,
And the worst part is,
That I still do,
It's just that you're not there anymore,
I still do cry the whole night,
And stay awake just because,
I am a loser.

The End

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