Observing Life

Everything I see in a day.

I look.
I see.
But I don't see much.

I see traffic,
And beeping cars,
And people ambling along,
Not a bother on 'em.

I see a brother chase a sister,
With a baby's pram.
The pram tips over,
And lands on the boy,
And the mother scorns him quietly.
The baby looks around curiously,

I see teenage boys,
With skateboards that clatter,
And jeans around their ankles.

I see two young lovers,
Caught in a passionate embrace,
Tender and loving.

I see an elderly man,
Stop and gaze in the window,
Of a video-game shop.
He mutters something to himself,
And hobbles along, cane in hand,

I see all these things.
And though it isn't much,
I look on in wonder.
And I smile.

The End

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