Observaions in A&EMature

Lummox daughter

Lamb to the slaughter

In baby doll nightie

God she’s unsightly

Life in Limbo

Legs akimbo

To prove she’s poorly

Mam and boyfriend hand in hand missin teeth, happy as pigs in shit

She stinks of piss

Give us a kiss

Lummox can’t eat

Fat Pig

Giv us a swig

She’s not eaten for three days!!!

Feelin poorly she is!


Nan’s broken her finger

It calls for a Family night out

They don’t talk they shout

Avin a joke, an

Mars bars, crisps an coke

Au fait with vending machine

Livin the dream

Seeking approval

Talkin drivel

Eager to share story with lummox girl’s mam

Their lives a sham

Friendships forged

Mars bars gorged

Had to get taxi

It wer an emergency!

We’re in for a long wait

Thank god

Stake your claim

This is your fame

You’re happy as a clam

Meek as a lamb

When the doctor appears

A story to tell

To paper shop ears

Hold your finger for all to see

 Lovin tea an sympathy


Panic outside

Collapse in car

From propping up bar

It were Demi’s christening

Who’s listening?

Wettin baby’s head

Show it how much it’s loved

Vomiting violently

Not a bit elegantly

White high heels

Moira’s Squeals

Mottled legs

Societies dregs

Denim skirt

What a flirt

Rucked up around thighs

The nurse sighs

Fags in hand

They can’t bleedin stand

All involved

Lovin it

Need a wheelchair

Let them stare

Push her in

Livin in sin

Panic all round

In for a penny in for a pound

Demanding attention

She could be dyin

I’m not effinn lying

She’s not drank much

Couple of vodkas an such

Must have bin spiked

Never happened before

They’ve commanded the floor

Help her before she dies!

Her best mate cries

Moira wake up!!! Can everyone hear!!

Lovin it,

Pigs in shit

An Oscar performance in their quotidian lives


He ‘s sat in the corner

As old as Jack Horner

Alone in the crowd

Close to wearin a shroud

He’ll wait a long time

Last in the line

He’s paid his dues

And yet he still queues

Deep inside him

His old heart is fightin

He’ll concede the battle

The death knell’s rattle

The young nurse ignores him

Obscured by the din

Ol Jack Horner is dyin

No attention he’s vying

He surveys the cast

And rues the past

What happened to society?

And the pretence of sobriety

A tear drops to the ground

For the waste all around

He’s witnessed true slaughter

Not like lummox daughter

He’s not a malingerer

Like nans broken finger

He’s witnessed true strife

Not a patch on Moira’s life

And it’s come to pass

Alas, Alas,

 Hail the underclass

The End

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