I will crush you, little manMature

You said you'll be back next week,

Same bat time, same bat channel.

We'll be ready, and watching you.

Nobody likes you,

Nobody respects you,

And you take yourself way too seriously.

I can't wait to teach you a lesson in humility.

Did I bruise your ego a little when I said you weren't my type?

Next time, I'm going to shatter it.

You want to get down and dirty with me?

Be careful what you wish for.

I don't play fair.

Go ahead, take your shirt off,

Continue with your wannabe boy bander bullshit.

I'll call you Mark, knowing damn well that's not your name.

I'll call you straight boy, white boy, and boy scout.

I'll call you Chad and Chip and asshole.

I'll wear you down and out.

Not the way you were hoping for.

You've got pipes but you've got no moves.

We know what you want already,

But you've got nothing we want back.

Your breath smells of desperation.

Everybody knows a fake smile when they see one.

I'll make you feel smaller than ever before.

I'll give you an identity crisis.

These are my people,

And you came to our place

Acting a damn fool.

Am I supposed to feel privileged that you were putting to moves on me,

Totally ignoring the plus-sized and darker-skinned women?

It just shows you have no appreciation for the finer things in life.

You saw just one of the scars on my hand and it scared you.

You think you can handle me?

You're a small man, living in a tiny world.

You're having a dry spell?

Is this your first time?

Poor baby boy.

Want me to kiss it and make it better?

What's in it for me?

You didn't buy any ladies a single drink.

You didn't make us laugh.

On the dance floor all you did was crowd us and try to cop some feels.

I'll heat you up and cool you down real fast.

I don't even have to touch you.

That's real power.

You're nothing.

And some part of you knows it.

I just want it to really sink in.

The End

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