If only you knewMature

In dedication to a complete jerkoff that made an ass of himself last night in my presence.

I am damn tired

Of being treated like a thing

Instead of a person.

I know people have urges, and that's fine.

I have them, too.

It's okay to look.

Even stare.

But have the decency not to treat me like an animal in a zoo.

I'm not here to entertain you.

I'm not your centerfold girl.

I didn't think of what would turn you on when I got dressed this morning.

I don't even care about that.

I'm just trying to live, like anybody else.

And yes, I'm on the prowl, but if I want you, I'll damn well let you know.

Don't mistake politeness for flirtation.

Don't mistake my easygoing nature for being easy.

If I see you disrespecting one of the women in my life, I will call you out and take you down.

I have no problem shoving your pride down your throat and making you swallow.

I'll kick you in the face with three-inch heeled boots and walk away, leaving you wanting more.

College sluts aren't like you remember these days, bro.

We have pasts.

We come with powerful bullshit detectors.

Your playatastic lines aren't going to get us in the roll.

You don't want to live in our world.

It would be your nightmare.

So just walk away.

Go to church.

Find yourself a nice girl.

Leave us sinners alone.

We live in an inferno of decadence,

And you can't take the heat.

The End

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