Numero Uno


                                      Weird Station!

      Raining cutely, HBO showing Torque

      Something infused in me a thought of New York

      9/11, fifth avenue and Grand central station

      Indeed, it’s nothing but californication

      Therein a blonde caught my eye

      Jeweled in her hands was “Catcher in the Rye”

      Her lips were kissing a chewing gum

      And my dil goes hmmmmmmmm………


       To tell you the lie

       She wasn’t some princess fallen from sky

       No idea….why but

       The angel deserved to die


       Station was testosterone charged

       And estrogen starved

       And sculptures of idiotic

       American presidents were carved


        Sunrise made all the station feel like silk

        Btw, Denmark is the largest producer of milk

        Okay…that’s silly, but I dreamt Asimov in parachute

        Kind of a remnant of Alibaba’s loot

        All of a sudden, something sting my foot

        Howz that possible as I was wearing a boot

        Culprit was none other than my very own scorpion

        Snailing away as if he was son in law of any lion


         Vary the angle of leaning tower of Pisa


         Hire teriyaki boyz to steal Mona Lisa

         In Milky Way, which acc. To hawking is very dense

         Search by stealing Hubble telescope’s lens

         Wherever you may find gentleman’s making sense

         There’s literal meaning of Co naissance!



The End

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