Back when I was crying all the time, my doctor told me I was depressed. and one night i was crying and someone yelled at me for it. Ever since then i am numb to everything forcing myself not to cry. People still think I'm depressed. But am I? I mean I'm not crying. Maybe Im better. I don't know anymore



When you’re so sad

To sad to cry

But you’re so mad

You want to die


You have no motivation

Not to work, talk, draw, and eat

I’m so tired

But I can’t sleep


I try but I’m too sad

The nightmares

Tossing and turning

Afraid to sleep


I feel like a zombie in my own body

I feel broken, hurt, destroyed, ruined

And everything in between


But I’m numb to it all

Not expressing any emotions

Just blank in my mind


They said I was depressed

But maybe I’m better

I’m not crying anymore  


Or is it because


When I was sad it was wrong

So I became numb to it all

All because she said I was crying for too long


Not sure what’s better

Crying, or holding it all inside


Just not sure anymore all I know

I’m at my breaking point

I can’t take much more


All because of a man.

The End

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