Self explanatory.

 I can't feel anything, at all. My soul's numb, no wait it's gone. My heart's a stone, funny how people can do that, you think you don't care but... They reach inside and take a piece of you with every lie and word they speak. Then they leave you alone and wait for the vultures to come for you.

 Their lips moving is like poison coursing through your veins, breaking the foundation of who you were. They steal your identity, your soul and  they just leave that cold, emotionless shell of a person. They don't even care, they just watch and laugh while you struggle to keep the gun from your head.

 Funny how when you finally stop being numb, you finally make those people regret what they did and said. The only way they'll stop being blind to the blood they've spilled is to spill it yourself. And then, there isn't anymore to spill.

The End

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