I watched a stone roll downhill

It was grey, small and hard

The hill was so steep, it hurt the stone

So fast it rolled, a trail of dust behind

I could've watched it for hours,

But it took it just one minute, only one

For it to reach the bottom


Will they say anything at all?

Whoever will worry their hearts?

I am numb, down to my spine


What is happening now, I wonder

Won't anyone tell me anything?

I am numb, down to my neck


I took a stone in my hand to throw downhill

It was red, and filled with hatred

The aura around us, was of ashes and fog

Dim and gloomy, were these eyes

Fiery and angered, from deepest chasm in earth

...Was this stone made from

I guess that's what one call a rock...

And downhill you go as well...


Of sadness, grief and sickness, I am made of

May I ever see the sky again?

I am numb, down to my fingers


Grail filled with absinth, I once spilled…

Shall I perish into that shade?

I am numb, down to my bones

I threw a stone to roll downhill

It was brown, large yet hollow

The grass was so torn, bleak and beaten

From the stones I've thrown

If it wasn’t for the bird nearby,

I would've apologized to the grass

But she pecked after something, for something

I guess she knew what she was searching for


May I be reborn in that bird's nest?

So I could touch the air with my full body

I am numb, I won't fly far


Whereto shall I wander, I wonder

May I travel with this wind?

I am numb, I won't go long


One last stone I shall cast downhill

Before I gaze upon that sky

My fingers found one, with the shades

Of sorrow, opal and ocean

And of its beauty that shone, I shed a drop

That landed on the stone

I let it rest in my palms before I rose,

And cast it downhill


And I fell backwards in the grass

To gaze upon that barely seen sky

I am numb, down to my heels


And now this air of smoke and fog

Shall fill my lungs with wounds

I am numb, deep in my head

The End

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