I feel naked.

Up until at least this time last year,
Being naked in public was my biggest fear.

A little spanish soda bottle filled with vodka helped,
And forgetting the world, we tugged off our clothes
On the hill of the Towson University campus.
I didn't feel drunk until I tried to get up.

Then, I did it again, sober, because she told me I had cute tits.
And slowly, my fear of being hideous hid in little insidious
Corners of my mind. By the beginning of this year I was able to stand
Being a naked body in front of other bodies
Enough to change my clothes and let someone measure my cup size,
And to fuck five others.

It wasn't intimate it was weird.

I like the seduction best, carefully placed necklines,
High heels, short skirts—I want to be fawned over, drooled over,
Without getting naked, vulnerable,
Without getting hurt.

The End

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