Beast StreetMature

Beast Street is the place where all bad people live

and every bad beast has a bad little kid

How did I come to be here you ask?

I used to steal souls behind Beelzebub's back

I sold them for gold and silver and favors

If you've not seen him mad then you don't know true anger

He said "To Beast Street with you, I call it the 8th circle of Hell"

"They're all junkies like you, you'll fit in just swell"

suddenly my entire body combusted in flames

and I woke up in a strange house all raveled in chains

There was a note on the wall scrawled in fresh blood

when I read what was written I fell back with a thud

"Welcome to Beast Street, Your new home forever"

"If you have any complaints go head and send me a letter"

So I tried that for a while, with success? not so much

for every paper I scavenged burned up upon touch

every pencil I found dissolved into sand

and every pen that I tried just melted in-hand

So I've decided that I will never try to escape

The folks around here aren't so bad, just not so great

but if you manage somehow, to get past the front gate

where I know for certain that Beelzebub waits

please do me a favor and punch him in the face

Your's truly: A Mis-guided Angel

The End

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