Weird story/Free Pie?Mature

What a sweet old lady Ms. Brickley must be

she brought over a pie that she baked just for me

Because I'm new to the town it was quite a nice gesture

she told me how most of the children had helped her 

I said "This is fantastic!" and thanked her sincerely

I waved to the kids but they wouldn't come near me

I thought this is odd, they must be real nervous

but by the way they were watching they seemed to have purpose

Ms. Brickley went home and I went inside

then sat down at the table with a fresh slice of pie

I opened the newspaper opting to read while I eat

and the first thing I read sure gave me the creeps

Children go missing around here a lot it would seem

Ms. Brickleys street was always the last place they were seen

Then I realized that the kids here weren't just shy

They knew that their friend's were baked into that pie

She said the children had helped her, that was the truth

I just didn't expect to be eating a few..



(Yes I am a weirdo)

(weird little poem/story)



The End

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