Nowhere Left To Turn

Home alone... and there’s nothing but the breeze
gently pushing my hand towards the bottle
I’m too young to tell if I have had too much
Fragments of those days blur in my mind
I can almost hear your voice in my room
calling to me within the gloom

Home alone... but I never wanted any of this
when the sun never wants to rise
I wake to the velvet kiss of a never-healing wound
I’ve still got time to find myself but
with all that you have said to me
I’m not sure if I want to face what I have become

So what can I do now
to change everything that has happened?
Even if it’s nothing more
I just miss the perfect mornings
where I’d never want anything else

I’m too weary to even make sense of this
though I am only twenty years of age
I feel most of my life is already over
When the end was nigh, I was in denial
now that you have a new beginning
I’m stuck somewhere in the unwritten epilogue
where I have nowhere left to turn

I’m too weary to even try to change
but I’m only twenty years of age
I fear this choice has led me astray
I felt you slip away but I could never
bring myself to let the dream live on

So what could I do now
to make everything right?
I know deep inside there’s nothing
but just give me even the faintest of lies
so I can find the strength to make it through

After I’ve hit the bottom
perhaps there could be a new beginning
Overshadowed by the flaws
I have always known to be within me
I’ve given up my pride
I’ve passed on everything I ever cared for
So when time threatens to leave me behind
just know
I never wanted anything more
than what I had with you

The End

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